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Ah ok,I am not able to edit a post ?! Whatever,then admins have to forgive me for the doublepost.
I would really like to start creating mods for RL,but it still seems that it is difficult to reach the files..
ok there is that umod,but it does change the textures only for a session,and not visible for others..
I tried to edit the antenna textures,4 in count,but it still sometimes shows the old antenna,which is annoying^^.
About myself. I modded,and be be sometimes still modding trackmania. Importing cars from other racing games,or creating a skin for it etc…
This game would be so perfect if it could be moddded with own cars,and such stuff. Let’s see,maybe it will come in some years by the author.
Sometimes this is done,to hold the community alive,giving possibility by author to mod the game.
To be honest,I still wait for sth better than umod…still nice tool,but I want to have it fully modded,not somehow around..