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      I have to have a DLL in the win32 folder for uMod to detect Rocket League launch and hook it. This is so inconsistent that the game barely ever launches, it just crashes over and over. Sometimes when it does launch, it just crashes. Sometimes it goes all the way through and then crashes when I inject textures. uMod r49 says it hooks when RL launches all the way, but does absolutely nothing when I inject textures. R53 is what I’m mainly trying to use. This is such a massive waste of time, and a major headache.

      I started off wanting to make a DrDisRespect set for the Endo and stock items. The file names seemed to have changed, or my uMod is no longer injecting the files properly. When I go and re-export all the textures, the file names are different.

      I am now trying to turn the lightning decal for the Octane into something more like a Pikachu, for my Pikachu car; as well as editing the texture for the Wildcat Ears. None of the textures I inject do anything.

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