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      I’ve been sitting on this idea (and secretly hoping someone would create it) for as long as modding for Rocket League has been around and since I’m a potato in the field of modding, I (finally) thought I’d throw the idea here, the most appropriate of forums. 

      Title: Green room

      Description: A rocket league regulation stadium with all of its visible/drivable surfaces colored green & opaque /w no extra lighting effects applied to said surfaces. Would be a plus, if this “room” was available in the replay editor.

      Function: A proverbial pandora’s box for video editors wanting to take their Rocket League videos to another level. Recording footage of cars against a uniform green surface would allow for easy chroma keying of footage and allow for video editors to do all sorts of awesome things in their Rocket League videos.

      I’ll check back to answer any questions.

      Keep up the awesome modding work.

      PS: Shoutout to JonSandman for doing a video interview on the current state of Rocket League modding which prompted me to check this site, register and post my idea!

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