Rocket League is trying to deliver its first three DLC Packs for Absolutely Free

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      The most popular sports video game is offering the next-level gameplay, in which you control your favorite car, instead of a human character, and try to score as many goals as possible to dominate the stadium. There are a variety of vehicles available, and each has unique characteristics, appearance, and performance. The use of vehicle makes the competition tough and lets you experience the complete gaming experience. Mostly players described the game like soccer, but with rocket-powered cars, Rocket League is played between eight players of four-member team each. The ultimate task of players to use their rocket-based vehicles and hit a ball into their goal of opponents to earn points throughout the match. While playing the game, players can buy Rocket League Crates to unlock new stuff like Rocket League Avatar Borders, Rocket League Banners and Rocket League Goal Explosions. The game includes both Single-player and Multiplayer mode, played on both locally and online.

      What’s new on Fifth Birthday?

      As the Rocket League approaches its marvelous fifth birthday, a list of Downloadable Content Packs has grown to add DC Superhero Themes and Touches of ’80s Nostalgia. Moreover, there are lots of things coming to Rocket League this winter, 2019. Between new Season Rewards, including Season 9 of RLCS, Rocket Pass 5, and Frosty Fest, the future seems fabulous what you can expect for the rest of 2019 and beyond.

      Competitive Season 12 and Rewards

      For you gamers, there’s something special for you at the end of Competitive Season 12. First time in the history of Rocket League, the rewards for the current season will be Universal Animated Decals. So in the game, each rank will introduce a unique animated Decal that offers customizable vehicles. You don’t need to forget; still, you have to complete placement matches and try to complete the Season Reward Level to get your hand with rewards for Competitive Season 12 with the Season ends in December.

      Original DLCs will be included in the original Version Soon

      You would be happy to know that later this year, all versions of Rocket League on all platforms will add the first three DLCs at no cost. It means you can access the packs free. However, following the update before the end of the year, everything will include the following titles:

      • Supersonic Fury
      • Revenge of the Battle-Cars
      • Chaos Run

      In short, the members of Rocket League will make their access to Takumi, Dominus, Zippy, Scarab, Grog, and more. As a result, these three Downloadable Content Packs will be removed from the sale page. Already, Rocket League Game of the Year Edition has eliminated from the storefront, just because of these three DLCs. Gamers who have accessed to DLCs on 1 October 2019 or afterward will be able to apply for refund through the first-party platform.

      Inventory Archiving

      Players are annoying, because of continuously growing inventories. To resolve the issue, developers are trying to add the option which allows the player to archive items to longer display ahead of you in the primary inventory tabs. With the newly introduced setup, you will approach a new way which helps you in navigating the item you love more efficiently.

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