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      Hey Guys, I’m definitely not experienced enough to start writing real guides to RocketLeague-Modding, but i want to start a new Thread with short Tricks and Tipps for Beginners as myself 😉 If you want to contribute, feel free. Remember just small Tipps, tricks and Things which are to small for an own Guide but to important or helpfull not to be mentioned.

      List of Tips:

      • Skip Intro
      • Spawnlocation
      • Text

      Skip Intro: 

       Right click Rocket League in your library -> Properties -> Set launch options… -> Type ‘ -nomovie ‘ without the apostrophes -> Ok.


      Set an Pathnode at location
      Open Kismet
      Rightclick->new Event->Player->Player Spawned
      Rightclick->new Action->Actor->Teleport
      Rightclick->new Variable->Object->Object
      Go Back to your normal Screen, select the Pathnode.
      Back in Kismet:
      Rightclick->New Object var using PathNode*
      Player spawned (out)->Teleport(in)
      Player spawned(Instigator)->Object Var (???)
      New spawning Player should be at Pathnode-location (Dont know how it works with multiple Players spawning)


      Create Object you want to stick Text with

      Rightclick->new Object Var using…
      you need an Event for example Level loaded:
      New Action->Misc->Draw Text
      Set Message Text to Text you want displayed and check Display on Object.
      Link: Event->Show.
      Use Show and Hide inputs in Draw Text to display or hide Text, because Text is visible through the whole level.


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