BumbleBee Transformers Set for Dominus GT

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    Become Bumblebee with this Mod! This pack includes Flags for both teams, a Decal change for the Dominus GT, and an Autobot Boost.


    Autobot Decal replaces "Stripes" Decal for Dominus GT

    Blue team flag replaces Denmark flag

    Orange team flag replaces U.S.A flag

    Autobot Boost replaces Thermal/Standard Boost

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Pretty much how you would install any other custom decals/flags, just open the texture in uMod.

    Here is an example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EeBZUhKdq_Q

    Make sure to equip Dominus GT, Stripes Decal, Denmark Flag for Blue team, U.S.A flag for Red team, and Thermal or Standard Boost.

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