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    Here is a candy cane boost gauge for the christmas season. I wish you could use textures with world detail set to high quality but unfortunately it's not a thing. Anyway, I hope you like it.

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Candy Cane Boost Gauge by Famiy

    New install instructions ("uMod_alpha_v2_r49"):

    First Time Setup:
    0a) Before doing anything with uMod, go into your game and change your World Detail to 'Performance', close the game

    0b) Copy the file 'd3d9.dll' which is located inside your uMod folder and paste it into your Win32 folder inside your Rocket League directory, e.g.: C:Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/rocketleague/Binaries/Win32

    When launching uMod for the first time
    0c) Click on Main and make sure 'Use global hook' is DISABLED
    0d) Click on Main -> Add game -> C:Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/rocketleague/Binaries/Win32 -> Select Rocket League application (.exe)

    Normal Instructions:
    Once you've done all this, uMod will work as before (however with the exception of your world detail)

    1) Open uMod before you launch Rocket League
    2) Now launch Rocket League
    3) Tab out, drag the files into uMod
    4) Tab back in
    5) success


    Steps to change textures when your game is already running:
    1) Tab out
    2) Right-click on 'Single Textures'
    3) Click on 'Remove Package'
    4) Right-click again on the same spot
    5) Click 'Update'
    6) Drag the new file in
    7) Tab back into the game
    8) Success

    // You might be able to change your world detail back up to your standards but your game is probably prone to crashing when uMod is enabled. If you decide to not use uMod altogether and your game might crash before it can launch, make sure to delete the 'd3d9.dll' that you pasted into your Rocket League folder


    Thanks to eternity and Hurricane Modding for providing a workaround with the above instructions to make uMod work again:

    My other stuff:
    If you want to use my other stuff, make sure to use these new instructions as the Autumn Update messed up everything related to uMod.


    Greetings from Famiy

    If you use my textures in videos it would be nice if you give credit, preferably with that link above. Thanks.

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