Charger GlowEngine 1.0 +var decal

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    Hey guys,

    so today is a special day for me, because it was today, one year ago when i released my first ever texturemods for Rocket League. It has been a really cool time in this first year and to celebrate that and keep things alive i decided to give you one more release. And be sure, that it wasn't the last for this year :). There is some huge stuff i am working on and i actually can't wait to drop it and see your reactions!

    Whatsoever, I really want to thank all of you for the support over this first year and I hope to keep things up even when Psyonix doesn't want to give us modders some attention!

    Thank you!


    This is the classic, the GlowEngine 1.0 for the Charger'70, coming also with the var decal. But on this point: I also recommend AlphaConsole(link below) if you want to paint your car in black/white/etc... Hope you like this :)

    Note: GlowEngine works only when speeding up the car! When standing around or using brakes it will disappear.

    When downloading this mod you will get:

    • decent glowengine
    • accents glowengine
    • hard glowengine
    • var decal repl flames



    Please support our texture mods by sharing screenshots/gifs/videos on REDDIT/Twitter/Steam to probably get Psyonix attention someday.

    Also make sure to join our modding discord server:


    All texturemods created by HurricaneModding are his property and you are not allowed to upload/duplicate any of his mods!


    Please give credits when showing my mods in videos or screenshots! Thank you!

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    uMod is BACK ! And working again! Check out the guide below for more instructions!!

    You'll need winrar/winzip/7zip to extract! 

    Here is a great modding guide how to use uMod (also includes video tutorials and step by step instructions!):

    A simple video tutorial(also included in the guide) can be found here.


    If you want to paint your car in black/white/... i recommend to use AlphaConsole! Pretty simple to use and works also with uMod!

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