Custom/Painted Standard GOALEXPLOSION Styles

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    Extremely proud to present you the first ever customized GoalExplosions in RocketLeague!

    You all know the standard goalexplosions from RL, right? and you only got orange, green, pink and purple to equip..... Well, i mean, why not crimson, lime, sky blue, cobalt or even GOLD?!
    Now Im here to bring you 10 new styles replacing the standard explosions!

    THE BEST PART OF IT: You now have to option to choose Crimson, GOLD, Cobalt, Lime or SkyBlue AS NEW COLORS !!!

    How is that color-thing working: Just make sure uMod runs correctly(install guide below), and then you can simply choose the style and the color you like..Here an overview:
    For all styles named
    -Universal--> Works as the standard explosion, here you also got some nice Light fx
    -Crimson--> Recommend to equip "standard orange" ingame
    -Cobalt--> Recommend to equip "pink/purple" ingame
    -SkyBlue--> Use textures from cobalt folder and then equip "standard green" ingame
    -Gold--> Recommend to equip "standard orange" ingame
    -Lime--> Use textures from Gold folder and then equip "standard green" ingame

    Notice: Painted Explosions do not have same crazy light-fx as the universal one does.

    Available styles for Standard explosion:
    - Big R. (ed)
    - Dark Matter (a wavy form of dark matter)
    - Cracker (the reak big cracker)
    - Halo (little Halos in halo form)
    - Pixel (<--)
    - Plops (<--)
    - Rings (<--)
    - U.G.E. (Undefined GoalExplosion)
    - Bread (uhm, yes)
    - Standard Explosion (reworked to painted versions!)

    More Impressions? --> watch the VIDEO!

    My Twitter(for more news and modding stuff):

    Im open for any sort of requests or other things! DM me on Twitter or Discord. You also can join my Steamgroup!

    Feel free to share whereever you want :)
    Would be great if you could give credits when showing my mods in public.


    All texturemods created by HurricaneModding are his property and you are not allowed to upload/duplicate any of his mods!

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