Dominus iBuyPower Cosmic Decal Set With Optional Golden Spoiler

  • description Description

    A simple mockup of what a iBP team decal could look like complete with optional sponsor logos. I made one for each member that played in RLCS. There is also a golden vent/spoiler addon completely optional, looks good when you use black/gold. Experiment with different colours to fit your liking.

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Follow the custom decal tutorial by Quantum Dimension here: The correct dds files are in the folders, extract the folders and select whichever version you would like to use, then import using uMod.

  • event_note Changelog

    v.1: Includes clean and sponsored versions for Kronovi, Lachinio and OverZero. Includes gold spoiler vent.

    v.1.1: Added white decal version to all variants and fixed small error on the side.

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