Dominus Phoenix – A Lit Rocket League Decal Mod For The Dominus

  • description Description

    A custom modded decal created by me (LinOG Gaming)

    It is a LIT Dominus skin it is a fire body on a black background with a phoenix shining bright on the hood

    this decal replaces the "none" decal on the Dominus using uMod,

    please use uMod r49 as it is the most stable there is a download link to it in the Read Me.txt file.

    i hope you will enjoy this decal mod have a nice day,


  • speaker_notes Installation

    If You Have uMod Installed Just Do This:

    Drag all the .DDS files from the "Files" folder in the .zip file you downloaded into uMod, and there you go easy as that :D


    If You Do Not Have uMod Installed Follow This Tutorial By JuicyTUTS

  • event_note Changelog

    Version 1.0 - Finished And Released (There May Be Updates So Check Back Regularly)

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