Green Map Mod (for edits)

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  • description Description

    Basically a green map dedicated to video edits.

    You can use rocket launcher to set up a lan server, do '/ball count 0' in the game chat to get rid of the ball (Should work, haven't tested yet though).

  • speaker_notes Installation


    Go to : Steam steamapps common rocketleague TAGame CookedPCConsole

    Rename the "greenmap.upk" file to "Park_P.upk"  Important : Make a backup of the original Park_P.upk !

    Copy and paste "EngineDebugMaterials.upk" + "MapTemplates.upk" in the same location.

    Or you can use a rocket league map launcher software.


    To play the map

    Go into exhibition Mod and disable goal reset.

    To save a replay, set the max score to 1 then shoot the goal when you are done.

  • event_note Changelog
    • Added a missing file.
    • You can now toggle HUD
    • You can now score goals (to save replays)
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