Ice Charger GlowEngine 1.0+var decal

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    Hey, the GlowingEngine mod also available now for the Ice Charger from FastAndFurious 8! Also put in a decent version of it! Hope you Like it! If you do so: Please subscribe to my YouTube channel  and join my Steam Group for latest information about upcoming mods and announcements!

    What you'll get after downloading this mod:

    • Glow engine 1.0 for the charger
    • decent version of glow engine
    • variable decal (black/white....)


    Watch The Video For More Impressions !!!


    You can download the full mirror chrome paint/varnish HERE


    Every texture Mod uploaded by HurricaneModding is also his property and you are not allowed to upload any of his mods!
    All rights reserved by HurricaneModding!

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