Kayzr Mod Pack

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  • description Description

    A mod pack containing an Octane Decal (replacing stripes) and a banner (replacing the circuit pro banner)

    Made as a community project for Kayzr , your local eSports area! (visit https://www.kayzr.com/ if you don't know what Kayzr is.)


  • speaker_notes Installation

    Basic uMod installation.

    1) Download uMod. (please check out Hurricane Modding's guide for a solid and working guide!)
    2) Extract the Kayzr RL Mod.zip
    3) Drag the .dds files in it into your uMod
    4) Right click 'Single Textures' and click 'Update(Reload)'

    Done! Now go flex with your awesome stuff!

  • event_note Changelog


    Added the Octane decal and the banner.

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