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    Mod for NeatMike - one of the funniest people I've ever watched on YouTube. <3

  • speaker_notes Installation
    1. Download the file. Open the folder and choose what you want - flag texture, boost gauge texture (you may only choose one boost gauge texture), or random octane decal, and open the folder designated to that file. NOTE: if you choose the flag orĀ scoreboard texture, use BOTH texture in step 7.
    2. Open uMod.
    3. Enable "Use Global Hook"
    4. Go to "Add Game" and add Rocket League.
    5. Open Rocket League and go into an exhibition match.
    6. Go to your desktop, and drag the image files of the textures you want to apply onto your desktop. This might seem like this is a step you can skip, but it is very important.
    7. Go to uMod and drag the texture files into the big white box.
    8. Go back into Rocket League and the texture should be there.


    NOTE: Flag replaces Twitch flag. The flag WILL NOT show up in replays or on the main menu. You also MUST have the Render Quality in Rocket League on High Performance for the flag to show up and Texture Detail must be on High Quality. Have fun! :)


    If you have any problems installing the textures, hmu on twitter @fruitloopsgo

  • event_note Changelog

    1.0 [11/10/16] - First Version, one decal.

    2.0 [11/11/16] - Second Version, added gauge decal "#neatkeller"

    3.0 [11/11/16] - Third Version, added NeatMike flag and NeatMike Octane Decal.

    4.0 [11/14/16] - Fourth Version, added NeatMike Scoreboard Texture

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