New BlackMarkets | GoldRush Decal | new Hexed styles #2

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    Hi, guess it's time to reveal the latest results of creating new BlackMarket Decals for the game!

    Releasing in total 4 new styles and 3 absolutely new developed decals which will ALL replacing the actual hexed decal!

    There is one decal Im really proud of: The so called DuneStorm BM Decal which looks like a GoldRush Decal with the right color setting!

    Full decal list and content of the mod:

    • BurningSkin [Grade A, looks dope in general :D]
    • Iced (clean) [simple flow]
    • Powerlines (clean) [simple flow]
    • Dunestorm/GoldRush [Grade A++, recommend using Black or dark color as primary]
    • Feathers [some will like, some won't^^]
    • Waterwall [Grade A+ Decal, def a must see!]
    • Wavy Tiger [recommend using black as secondary and adding glow to primary]


    Watch the video for more impressions!




    If you like you can help me grinding to make all this awesome ideas more popular:





    All texturemods created by HurricaneModding are his property and you are not allowed to upload/duplicate any of his mods!

    When showing them im public: Please give credits. Thank you <3

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