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    After i got bored of BMD´s, i guess i wanted to do something else? So i remade the Asiimov Skins from CounterStrike into a Decal for Octane

    Cause why not, right? Noones probably gonna read through this anyway so thank you that you do!

    I might do other Skins from other games/CS too, i dont know yet.

    This Mod Includes:

    The Asiimov Decal for Octane (replacing Octane: Stars) in the original white, grey, orange color

    ^ the same thing, but with changeable colors (also replacing Octane: Stars)

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Details in the "Readme" in the download

    You'll need winrar or a program like that to ectract the files!

    I still suggest getting alphaconsole via their Discord Server

    If you still have problems, follow this guide: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=954235491

    Have fun!

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