Octane decal for rankedhoops.com (no longer glows)

  • description Description

    This is a ranked hoops themed decal that glows no longer glows (octane glowing decals no longer work). It is heavily based on the design of the rlcs decal for the octane. It replaces stripes when dragged into umod.

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Download and decompress the file, then drag and drop it into umod, then right click where it says "Single textures" and choose update (reload). If you need a full umod tutorial, this is a very good one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h93tdqE4wRY

  • event_note Changelog

    1.1: It still replaces stripes and not too much is changed, just cleaned up lines and removed stray pixels + made things a bit more symmetrical.

    1.2: still just pretty much making things look a bit nicer

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  • UpdatedJul 14, 2017
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