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    March 19th 2017 - I have almost no time this school semester, so this project is on hold until I get enough to time to update everything. Sorry for the inconvenience :(


    Q: I clicked "Load Mods" and nothing happened / works, what's wrong?

    A: There are a few possibilities,

    1. You have launch parameters for rocket league on such as '-nomovie' which cause problems such as crashing and mods not loading. Simply remove the launch parameters.
    2. Make sure your anti-virus isn't blocking rocket launcher. Simply just turn it off to make sure.
    3. You don't have VC++ 2015 redist. Download it here and download the x86 version, install, and restart your computer.
    4. Rocket Launcher isn't up to date with the latest patch, you'll just have to wait till I update it. (it'll crash instantly if you press load mods)

    Q: I'm using hamachi and my friends cant join my server / I get the URL blocked error, why?

    A: I've figured out with hamachi that if you add on the :7777 port to the end of your IP it causes problems. Simply remove it and only put the person's IP in the join LAN box. e.g - go from to

    Q: How do I port forward?

    A: It depends on your router so I can't really answer that entirely, but you're going to want to port forward the port 7777 with UDP protocol.

    Q: Rocket Launcher isn't launching at all, why?

    A: Try running it as admin. If that doesn't work and you've used previous versions of RL delete the local data. You can do this by typing

    %localappdata% in the windows search bar. It should bring you to a place like this C:/Users/UserName/AppDataLocal. Delete the folder named Rocket_League_Customizer and try opening Rocket Launcher again.

    If all else fails download the latest .NET Framework

    Hope this helps!


    Rocket Launcher

     I don't recommend playing online with these mods enabled (even though they don't work online) because of all the bugs still present.

    Special thanks to Tim (whynotsteven) for helping me with the DLL and to Kylethebat for the awesome icon.

    Also thank you Broadway for Alpha testing.

    Current Features:

    • Changing The Double Jump Timeout
    • Change Ball Scale
    • Change Car Scale
    • Unlimited Jumps
    • Zombie Mode
    • Show Hidden Maps
    • In Game Name Change
    • Custom Blog Menu (The Ad at the side of the main menu)
    • Goal Score Custom Text (Sometimes works sometimes doesn't - working on it)
    • Change Car Spin/Torque Rate
    • Car Speed
    • Spider Man Mode
    • Demolish on opposing side of field
    • Random Size Bots
    • LAN
    • Ball Gravity Scale
    • Ball Bounce Scale
    • Map Loader
    • Custom Hotkeys
    • In Game Console

    Planned Features:

    • Demolish in goal
    • Max Ball Speed
    • Ability to launch ball
    • Attach Ball to Car
    • Set Car Physics Scale (Mass)
    • Freeze Players
    • Max Team Size


    Please message me any feedback / more bug reports on reddit or discord.

    I hope you all enjoy! 

    - ButterandCream <3


  • speaker_notes Installation

    How To Install

    Extract the folder in the ZIP file to your desired location.

    1. Open the program and click 'Ok' on the popup that says to select your rocket league folder
    2. Browse to and select your rocket league folder, usually located under [STEAMFOLDER]/steamapps/common/rocketleague <- select this folder
    3. You should be all set up.

    You can always go to settings and Set Path again if you messed the path up.


  • event_note Changelog

    Version 1.0 - Initial beta release

    Version 1.1 - Replaced DLL and added a bit more instruction.

    Version 1.2 - Updated DLL to cause less crashing

    Version 1.3 - Another DLL Update

    Version 1.4 - DLL Update

    Version 1.5 - Fixed the issue with it not working for some people

    Version 1.5.1 - Added Icon

    Version 1.6 - Small UI changes & added reset button

    Version 1.7 - Changed UI & added more features

    Version 1.8 - Added Ball Gravity & updated DLL

    Version 1.9 / 2.0 - Major UI Change and added basic Map Loader feature

    Version 2.1 - Updated for Rumble & Added LAN 

    Version 2.2 - Updated for Hotfix & added mutator settings

    Version 2.3 - Updated for Aquadome release

    Version 2.4 - Updated 'Set Path', added in game console & custom hotkeys

    Version 2.5 - Updated for Starbase ARC update and fixed console commands

    Version 2.5.1 - Updated for hotfix

    Version 2.6

    • Map Loader, Join & Host LAN now work on the main menu again as well as in game.
    • Workshop support for LAN added via "Add Maps" button
    • Added previous & next command support to the console via the up arrow key & down arrow key (may be buggy)

    Version 2.7 - Updated to work with the new patch and added a boost scale in the console

    Version 2.7.1 - Forgot to change UI to say 2.7...

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