• description Description

    A custom rocket league mod created by me (LinOG Gaming)

    It is a mod that adds paint to octanes i included all colors and both matte and reflective versions
    you can try both the reflective and the none reflective versions to find your favourite

    this decal replaces the paint on the Octane Underside/Engine using uMod,

    please use uMod r49 as it is the most stable there is a download link to it in the Read Me.txt file.

    i hope you will enjoy this mod have a nice day,


  • speaker_notes Installation

    If You Have uMod Installed Just Do This:

    Drag all the .DDS files from the "Matte" Or "Reflective"(Depending on which version of color you want) folder in the .zip file you downloaded into uMod, and there you go easy as that :D

    If You Do Not Have uMod Installed Follow This Tutorial By JuicyTUTS

  • event_note Changelog

    Version 1.0 - Finished And Released (There May Be Updates So Check Back Regularly)

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