Parcour-Map V0.65

  • description Description

    An Parcour-training map with not so many parcours yet ?

    Work in Progress: Goal is 20 Parcours at the Moment - 13 done.

    It's my Playground to try new Ideas for Maps and mechanics for making new interesting Maps ?
    So give me Feedback! ;)

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Put the Map-File into your Mods folder and open it through RL Map Loader (
    The two other files belong in to the CookedPCConsole folder.

    If you are interested in modding or making similar maps check out RocketLeagueMods to try help build the community and hopefully show Psyonix that we all really want this ! ? (Yeah i've copied this from French Fries ? )

  • event_note Changelog

    -Level switch
    -Level 1.7-1.13
    -Textures in most levels
    -Sticky walls through mod.upk

    Known Bugs:
    -Not sure if Bonus-Level in 1.10 possible :P
    -Bonus-Teleport in 1.11 doesnt work yet

    -Level 1.5
    -Level 1.6

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