Proving Grounds

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  • description Description

    Training Map - similar size as rl normal maps - with built in fully customizeable ball cannon and target shooting with random target positions

    the map is built with multiplayer in mind, so following versions will be optimized for MP (though allready roughly working)

    NOTE: this is Beta 1, so not everything is working 100%. for controlls and how to use it see

    Please report bugs and post feedback so i can improve the map!

    PS: i'm looking for a skilled 3d artist for this and other RL mods, hit me up a reddit /u/KarlHeinz_Schneider/ or in the RL modding discord!

    PPS: for fellow RL moders: _for now_ i made the kismet not so easily readable, but i'm planing to release advanced kismet guides on different topics (make suggestions!) in  the next weeks, and for information you can ask me on reddit/discord.


    Known Bugs:

    • you sometimes fall of the wall with high speed -> need better 3d models
    • ball canon is moveable out of bounds of the arena
    • UI Text (kismet -> draw text) not correctly displayed at custom resolution (at least not 1080p). Thanks to /u/KabelGuy for reporting!

    Planned features for following versions: 

    • bug fixes
    • prettier UI with better handling
    • better 3d models with custom textures
    • better camera handling
    • more and different shooting szenarios
    • (maybe) support for Rocket League Trainer and training share/import
    • and many more! 
  • speaker_notes Installation
    1. Open C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/rocketleague/TAGame/CookedPCConsole
    2. Backup Park_P file inside
    3. Extract and drag all contents into CookedPCConsole (*note: proving_grounds_beta1s.upk is the same as park_p.upk - maybe you want to use a mod manager)
    4. Replace all files if asked
    5. Open Rocket League
    6. Go to freeplay training
    7. Play!

    Do not attempt to play online with this installed, you will be banned for 15 minutes. To uninstall just replace Park_P with your backed up version, or right click Rocket League on Steam > Properties > Local Files > Verify Integrity of Game Cache.

    You may want to us a mod manager -> see

  • event_note Changelog

    29.08.2016 - Beta 1 release

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