Rocket League Advanced Classes v3

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  • speaker_notes Installation

    Install Instructions:

    • Copy all contents inside the "RLACv3" folder and paste them into the "CUSTOM" folder located in C:/UDK/Custom.
    • Run UnrealFrontend.exe AGAIN located in C:/UDK/Custom/Binaries, Click on Script -> Full Recompile.
    • After it finishes, Run UDK 2015. You should now see additional Kismet Nodes under TAGame_decrypted and AKAudio_decrypted.

    Extra Information:

    • If you recieve a compiling error:
    • That will update your files to the most current modding configuration on UDK 2015 vs UDK 2013.
  • event_note Changelog

    25-JULY-2020: Updated Files, New Install Instructions.

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