Rocket League Alpha & Beta & Halloween Items Mod

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    Hello guys, i found a way how to get the Alpha, Beta, and the Halloween Items!

    Programs you need: Cheat Engine 6.5.1 (or the latest version of Cheat Engine), and access to the game files!

    I hope you'll enjoy it! That's a little bit hard...

    Here you can download it: (This is a Mediafire Link)

    If something is glitchy or if you have any problems, just write a comment and i'll answer it!

  • speaker_notes Installation

    You can find the Installation and all the stuff from this mod, within the files, but now i'll tell it.

    1. Step: Go to your Rocket League Folder! (Example: D:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/rocketleague/TAGame/CookedPCConsole)
    2. Step: Search for "Boost_AlphaReward_SF.upk" and "Boost_Bubble_SF.upk" and back them up. Switch the files, so "Boost_AlphaReward_SF.upk" becomes "Boost_Bubble_SF.upk" and vice versa. You NEED to do this with EVERY item. (Every Item = The items below the "File Names (in the Rocket League folder)")
    3. Step: Open up the game!
    4. Step: Open up Cheat Engine 6.5.1!
    5. Step: In Cheat Engine Open the Process List and select "RocketLeague.exe"
    6.Step: You need to switch the "Value Type" to "String", or else i won't work!
    7. Step: To the little "Text Box" first you need to type "Boost_AlphaReward" and hit "First Scan"!
    8. Step: After you got the founds, you need to find the top one, right click on it and select "Browse this memory region"!
    NOTE: If you see "Boost_AlphaReward" then some dots and a "5", so it's the good one. Otherwise go in the memory region of an other "Boost_AlphaReward" and find the good one!
    9. Step: In the new window after that you click on "Browse the memory region" you'll find "Boost_AlphaReward" and "Boost_Bubble". You have to double click just behind the "5" behind "Boost_Bubble".  You'll find a number, mine is "210". This number change if you have a different langage in your game or if there is an update, so after every update this number would change.
    10. Step: Copy this number and close the little window!
    11. Step: Now double click behind the "5" behind the "Boost_AlphaReward" and paste the number, which is "210" (for me).
    NOTE: You NEED to do this with EVERY Alpha Item if you want them all!


    That was an example, but you can do it with every Alpha, Beta and Halloween Item! I hope i can help you guys!

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