Rocket League Championship Series Ball (Fan made)

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    A fan made ball, "Championship Series" inspired ball. 

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Read the steam guide for uMod, which is required for this modification of the ball to work!
    uMod guide and download:

    #1 Read guide and do the steps there, once you've configured it correctly, head over to the #2 step!
    #2 Start uMod.exe
    #3 Launch "Rocket League" through Steam!
    #4 uMod should now have a new window, in which Rocket League is selected on the top of the window tab.
    #5 Move the .dds file that you downloaded and drag and drop it into the uMod window (that has Rocket League tab selected).
    #6 The file should now appear in the uMod window. Right click inside the window with the file in uMod and select "update".
    #7 Check the game, you should now see the new ball texture!
    #8 Don't exit uMod whilst you have the game running, or the game will crash.

    NOTE: You'll need to have uMod open whilst you use the ball texture. If you exit and enter Rocket league again, you'll have to do the steps (step 2-8) again to get the ball texture back!

    Do not under any circumstances re-upload my mod to other sites or this one without my permission!

    Enjoy! (This ball is a fan made one).
    Feel free to comment on improvements and what not.

    Thanks for downloading! Ratings are much appreciated!

  • event_note Changelog

    V 1.0: Release of the Championship Series ball. 

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