Rocket League Obstacle Course #1

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    First flying rocket league obstacle courseĀ 

    By French Fries

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    o play the map you have to replace the default training map with the new one. * Navigate to the CookedPCConsole folder in your rocket league install folder (C:Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappsCommonrocketleagueTAGameCookedPCConsole) for me * Save a backup of the current freeplay mode "Park_P.upk" eg "Park_P_backup.upk" * Download the file from above link and rename to "Park_P.upk" and move it to the CookedPCConsole folder * Start up rocket league and go into training => freeplay and it should load up the map!

    If you are interested in modding or making similar maps check out RocketLeagueMods to try help build the community and hopefully show Psyonix that we all really want this :D (it's really not too hard)

    This was my first attempt using UDK and making a map like this so its just real basic (no arrows, ball cam, limited boost, dribbling etc) I will try have a go at implementing above features in the future

    Playing instructions: * You can only drive on the sandy texture * If you touch the blue/white box you will be moved back to the previous checkpoint * The yellow/gold colour is a portal to the next section * You have unlimited boost, this map is just about car control * You can restart the map using the reset button (whatever you have it mapped to for training)

    Hope you enjoy :D

    ps, sorry console players

    If it screws up your matchmaking, verifying game cache will fix that problem (sorry)

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