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  • description Description

    Skee ball in Rocket League!

    Put the ball in the holes and rack up points.

    Play in Training mode on the Free Play map. The ball is stored under the map until you start the game by pressing the Reset key / button.

    • No timer, play at your own pace.
    • Automated scoring using the original game's point values.  
    • Automated shot tracking, your shot won't start until you move forward.
    • Auto ball return in the unlikely event it leaves the map.
    • Per session high score tracking.
    • Extremely stylish map.

    If the ball spawns in spinning and rolling sideways, hit Reset to calm it. But be careful as resetting after starting a shot will waste it.

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Use a map loader. Seriously, they are so nice.

    If you have to install manually, 

    back up your Park_P.upk under (Steam dir.)/SteamApps/common/rocketleague/TAGame/CookedPCConsole/.

    Unzip the download to that folder.  

    Rename Skeeball-NB.upk to Park_P.upk and overwrite it.

    Restore the back-up before playing online, or you will get a temporary ban.

  • event_note Changelog

    v1.0 Initial Release

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