Slick tires for OH5 wheels

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    Slick tires for OH5 wheels. (Prenium wheels with the Hot Wheels Twin mill)

    This is how they should have been in the first place.



  • speaker_notes Installation


    1) Download and configure uMod for Rocket league if you don't have that software yet.
    2) Open uMod
    3) Open Rocket league
    4) Extracted and drop the .dds files included in the .rar archive into uMod.
    5) Done.

    You will have to do this everytime you restart the game if you want the mod.

    By (me)
    reddit /u/charles2404
    steam /id/charles2404

  • event_note Changelog
    • Now works with all 4 video texture details. The Garage uses separate texture files.
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