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    THIS IS VERSION 1.3 *** This will be updated periodacally with new content as requested! ***

    This download contains all UDK Toolkit/Files required for current Rocket League Modding:

    • Unreal Development Toolkit 2015
    • Rocket League Dummy Classes v3
    • Rocket League Advanced Classes v3
    • Rocket League Dummy Assets [Park_P Package]
    • Rocket League Sticky Walls Material Example [StickyWalls_P Package]
    • Rocket League UPK Decryptor
    • Unreal Viewer (UModel)
    • Unreal Explorer
    • Asset Extractor 
    • Edited/Ready-to-Go Script Files [DefaultEngine.ini, StaticMeshActor.uc and Actor.uc.]
    • Collisions KActor/Moving Interactor Ready Script. [PrimitiveComponent.ui] C
    • Recommended Folder Setup (Added Workshop Maps, My Assets, RLTools Folder)
    • Derzo's Template Map (Easy Starting)
    • Mr. Swaggles Simplicity Map (Fully Developed Default Map)
    • Wejrox/JimJom's One-Stop-Chop-Shop (Ripped Rocket League Assets)

    Special Thanks to:

    • whynotsteven (RL Modding Founder, the OG)
    • glhglh (Collision Channels/Scripts)
    • Mr. Swaggles (Author of Fully Developed Modding Guide and Simplicity Map Creator)
    • ButterandCream (Creator of Rocket Launcher)
    • KarlHeinzSchneider (Collision Channels)
    • wejrox/JimJoms (Influential Map and Tutorial Creator)
    • Derzo (Collisions, Guides, Custom Materials, In-Game assets, Template Map)

    More Modding guides:




  • speaker_notes Installation

    Fast/First Time Install Instructions:

    - Install UDK 2015
             - Use "Empty Game", Leave the name of your project as "Custom". (This will ensure all custom scripts properly work when being compiled.)
             - DO NOT install any optional Services.
             - After installation, DO NOT LAUNCH UDK.
    - Now we need to edit DefaultEngine.ini which is located in C:/UDK/Custom/UDK/Game/Config. Right Click on it and Open With Notepad.
             - Copy the lines below
             - Place them below these lines in the config:
             - So it looks kinda like this:
             - File->Save, Exit Notepad.
    - Copy all contents inside the "Copy_Contents_Inside_Step_1" folder and paste them into the "CUSTOM" folder located in C:/UDK/Custom. When asked, replace the 3 files.

    - Run UnrealFrontend.exe located in C:/UDK/Custom/Binaries, Click on Script -> Full Recompile.
    - Copy all contents of the "Copy_Contents_Step_2" folder and paste them into the "CUSTOM" folder located in C:/UDK/Custom.
    - Run UnrealFrontend.exe AGAIN located in C:/UDK/Custom/Binaries, Click on Script -> Full Recompile.
    - After it finished, Run UDK 2015.
             - In Content Browser, Expand UDKGame under Packages, Expand Content, Right Click on the "Park_P" package and click Fully Load.
                        - Right Click on the "StickyWalls_P" Package and click Fully Load.
    - (OPTIONAL) Open up DERZO's template map or Mr. Swaggles Simplicityv5 Map and begin modding.
             - These are located in C:/UDK/Custom/UDKGame/Content/Maps

    Extra Information:

    - Use all the tools located in the C:/UDK/Custom/Tools Folder! Lots of good extractors, viewers, decrypters, and explorers!
    - Recommend downloading Blender if you want to get the full modding experience with 3D Model development. [Always Export Meshes as .FXP]
    - You can test your maps using BakkesMod w/ Plugin Rocket Launcher.
    - Enable CustomMaps in Rocket Launcher.
    - In order to test those maps, I recommend "Save As" your .udk map to a folder called "mods" located in your (CookedPCConsole) folder.
    - Using C:/UDK/Custom/UDKGame/Content/Maps as your main UDK backup folder.
    - If you import your own meshes and/or create your own package, you need to right click and "Save" that package.
    - Also, you will need to copy it and ensure it's located in your (CookedPCConsole) for map testing.
    - You can open other workshop maps and see how they were created in UDK.
    - You can find them in: C:Program Files (x86)Steamsteamappsworkshopcontent252950
    - If you use any of their work, ensure you give credit, including the Template Maps!

    JOIN THE SUPPORT DISCORD SERVER: https://discord.gg/kHumFCG

  • event_note Changelog

    1.1: Incorporated new PrimitiveComponent.ui and Simplicity v5 Map, fixed SRC Classes. 

    1.2: Fixed UModel, RL Decryptor. Added Unreal Explore, Asset Extractor, and Advanced Event_Sequences for Kismet.

    1.3: Fixed File Structure causing issues, Added a new installation procedure with a 2-step compile process, added resources: One-Stop-Chop-Shop.

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