Universal UPK Package (Sticky Walls)

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    Here's the mod package which every person should use from now on so we don't get mismatches with maps. At the moment it's just sticky walls but if we find more we will add it. People should use a custom package for their meshes, since they are unique to each map.

  • speaker_notesInstallation

    Go to your UDK installation directory and then go to UDKGame/Content.

    It should look something like A:/UDK_Beta/UDKGame/Content (yours will be different)

    Once there, put the mods.upk file into the folder which is found inside the ZIP file.

    Now open UDK and open up the content browser.

    You should see the mods package.

    Right click the mods package and say fully load.

    You should now be able to see & use the sticky walls.

    Once done implementing the sticky walls make sure you copy the mods.upk into your CookedPCConsole folder

    You can find the location of a package by right clicking and saying explore.

  • event_noteChangelog
    • First upload with sticky walls
    • V2 Updated with /u/glhglh's update 
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