Youtuber Zerkaa Breakout Decal

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    Hello! This is my first ever creation of a decal, for Rocket League. This is my first test at creating decals and I apologise if it isn't the standard of other decals on here. But i had to create one and it was for my favourite youtuber, Zerkaa (Josh).

    I hope you enjoy it ? (And please be gentle!)

  • speaker_notes Installation
    1. Download The Mod
    2.  Download uMod
    3.  Download WinRaR (to open it)
    4. Extract it
    5. Open up uMod
    6. Press Main and make sure "Use Global Hook" is ticked
    7. Press Main and add game and go to where you saved your Rocket League
    8. Launch Rocket League
    9. Press Alt + Tab and press uMod
    10.  In the Rocket League tab, right click on the white open space and press "Open texture/package"
    11. Choose the dds files in my folder
    12. Now Alt + Tab and press Rocket League
    13. Now it should be replaced and your decal should be showing.
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