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Rocket League Championship Series Ball (Fan made)

A fan made ball, “Championship Series” inspired ball. NOTE: As of the recent update: Radical Summer (18th June 2019). uMod has stopped working, and you’ll need to remove d3d9.dll found in your Rocket League folder, aka. where the .exe is. -> Steam/steamapps/common/rocketleague/Binaries/win32 folder According to the developer of uMod there is no fix, unless Rocket […]

Goku Ultra Instinct (Migatte no Gokui) Boost Gauge

This mod changes the original boost gauge to a Goku in Ultra Instinct form boost gauge


Chelsea FC mod by Divan This mod includes a decal for the Dominus. It replaces the tattoo decal and you can change the color to your preference. A ball is also included with the EPL logo on it as well as new banners with the Premier League’s logo and a “Welcome to Stamford Bridge” banner. […]

Nixus Freestyling Ball Skin

Nixus Ball Skin — pics and video coming soon     

Mr. Try Hard Show Ball Texture :D

My second ball mod!!! This one is for Mr Try Hard Show Here’s the video of it in action oooooooh https://streamable.com/fy8pt If you need help installing read down below or read the README file in the download to find out my contact info.   have fun! 😛    

Nasty Porto Ball Mod

My first-o mod-o kis me   This ball blinks the name porto because it looks cool. see screens and video of my amazing rl skills   to install use umod check out hurricane modding on yt for help use WinRAR to unzip or whatever you want.   video: https://streamable.com/37ap5

Ball Pack

Ball Pack Includes : Red Fire Ball, Green Fire Ball, Blue Fire Ball and Space Ball.             Template used from Carnotaurus ball mod

World Cup Mods – Ball + Field + Banners

This is a mod which contains 3 billboard replacement images used on various maps throughout the game, a ball modification, and a field modification for the Mannfield map. The design ideas are originally from League of Rockets, and attempted to be replicated by me. If you need help installing uMod or the mods, be sure […]

Silver Mod Pack (All Normal Cars, Boost Gauge and Ball)

This silver mod pack works for all cars (except for the Batmobile) Changing the car paint texture will effect the contrast of the silver effect which looks great with normal and rare decals This mod will not work with black market decals unfortunately This mod pack also features silver boost gauge and ball   Thanks […]


This is fireball. Or the fire verision of the ball. Suggested by YeeZa: http://bit.ly/YeeZa_ (plz go there and spread some love (tell him that carno sent you)) IF YOU HAVE ANY PROBLEMS WITH DOWNLOADING/USING MY MODS PLEASE CONTACT ME.       Contact me here: Steam: http://bit.ly/SteamTrain_ Twitter: http://bit.ly/TweetLikeABird My YT: http://bit.ly/Carnotaurus My Secondary yt: http://bit.ly/BoostedHD