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Carbon Fiber MOD decal for Octane v.1 Rocket League

Yeah so You need Umod for this 1. download Umod 2.Search YT for adding rocket league to Umod and enable Global Hook 3.Open RL once u added RL to Umod 4. go to Umod while running Rocket League and unrar the file and select all 3 files and drag them into the big white space […]

Skarner Decal (League Of Legends)

Skarner Decal for breakout.

Clouds Boost Guage

This replaces your boost gauge with the one seen here.

Clouds ‘n’ Bullets Animated Decal

Animated Custom Decal for Breakout. Color can be changed. Replaces Dot Matrix Decal.

Mix&Match (2 Shibuyas at the same time!)

Nothing crazy here, just a very nice looking combination of the Shibuya decal. You get it twice, and you can change both decals’ colors to your liking. This is actually 2 packs in 1. If you select the Shibuya, you get double, if you select None or Dot Matrix, you get a Jinx from League […]