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Breakout Twitch Decal

This is a decal designed for the breakout. It is based on the twitch logo and colours

Pennzoil r34 Nissan Skyline

A Pennzoil Nissan Skyline, for those who are a big fan of race cars. I really like this car, and the design of it, its not exactly the original, but it will do. 😀   A picture of the car, the car mod, a Pennzoil badge that will appear when using in the garage when […]

Dominus – Black Clover

Based on the popular shounen manga/anime – Black Clover 

Fast 4WD: 1996 Suzuki Escudo Pikes Peak

A custom decal for Fast 4WD, based on the “Suzuki Escudo Pikes Peak” rally car.

Synthwave Styled Nimbus Decal + Painted Variants

Synthwave inspired decal for the Nimbus! Plus an extra bit of customization with the addition of painted variants 

Off-White | Breakout

Part III in the OFF-WHITE saga. The Breakout. This mod only works with the Breakout. This mod replaces the “None” decal.         “DESCRIPTION”

Off-White | Dominus

Part II in the OFF-WHITE saga. This one turned out a bit better because of my lack of knowledge when I made the first one. Will try to remake the Octane version in the coming days. Enjoy for now! This mod only works with the Dominus. This mod replaces the “None” decal.       […]

Off-White | Octane

NEW VERSION WITH TITANIUM WHITE BODY AND HIGHER RESOLUTION DECALS! Hey guys, sooo this is my first time making a mod for Rocket League, so please excuse any faults in the design lol. I’m however planning on doing a sort of hypebeast saga where I apply over-hyped clothing brands onto all basic cars (Octane, Dominus etc […]


Chelsea FC mod by Divan This mod includes a decal for the Dominus. It replaces the tattoo decal and you can change the color to your preference. A ball is also included with the EPL logo on it as well as new banners with the Premier League’s logo and a “Welcome to Stamford Bridge” banner. […]

Mods Pack 1 | Rainbow decal | Transparent boost | New banners

Car list: Decal: Breakout, Dominus, Gizmo, Hotshot, Merc, Octane, Roadhog, Takumi, Venom, X-Devil, Backfire, Paladin, Twinzer, The Dark Knight Rises Tumbler, ’16 Batmobile. Banners replace Circuit Pro.