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Black Market Vampire (Repl. Heatwave)

Hey! Made my own Black Market decal with a Vampire theme. Breakout & Octane has special symbols inside the decal. But the decal works for every car as shown in the video. My personal favourite is the Breakout. Hope you enjoy this decal! It replaces Heatwave and it’s changeable in colours.  Cheers, Devnik  

Breakout animated DragonMatrix (Repl. Dot Matrix)

Hello! New version of the Breakout Dot Matrix. Looks a bit like a Black Market decal now. Hope you enjoy this decal 🙂 Cheers, Devnik   Also check out my other stuff on my profile!

SkullWatt (Repl. Kilowatt decal)

Hiya! My first animated decal with skull themed. Also made fitting skulls wheels on it (Watch video). They can be found on my profile! Enjoy 🙂 Cheers, Devnik  

Skull Loopers (Repl. Loopers)

Hiya, New version of the Loopers with Skulls inside it! It replaces the regular Loopers but also works on painted (watch video). Enjoy peeps! Cheers, Devnik   Note: 2.the decal shown in video is a other mod. Can be found on my profile 

Photons 2.0 (Works on Painted aswell)

Hiya, New version of the Photons. Version 2.0. Looks funky :). Enjoy! Note: This wheels has 3 files one for main menu to show, one for ingame and the celebration move. Select them all three when adding them. Thanks! Cheers, Devnik VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CmXVCDt_kxU&feature=youtu.be

Devnik Black Market decal (Repl. Heatwave)

Hiya!  Made a new version of the Heatwave decal. Looks like a snake is crawling in the skin! Hope you enjoy this remake of the Heatwave skin. Looks best on Dominus or Dominus GT! Cheers, Devnik Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VFoztKaV4kM&feature=youtu.be

Black Foam Hat

Hi! Made this because black is cool 🙂   Enjoy

Kuxir97 decal (Repl. Skulls)

Hi! Kuxir97 is a amazing Rocket League player and i decided to make a skull themed decal for him and all the fans he got! Specially after a amazing performance in the RLCS Season 2. Hope you guys enjoy the decal! Cheers, Devnik

Phantom Octane (Repl. Flames)

Hi there! Made a Phantom themed decal and it replaces the Flames Decal on Octane. It’s also changeable in colours! Hope you like this decal. Enjoy!

Devnik Dominus (Repl. Tats Decal)

Hi there! I’m fairly new to the Mod community. This decal has skull themed influence and is changeable in colours! (Devnik is a DJ from the Netherlands) More to come. Stay tuned and enjoy ?