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Gray Fullbuster Boost Gauge

This mod changes the original boost gauge to a gray fullbuster boost gauge

Natsu Dragneel Boost Gauge

This is my first Texture Mod which changes the normal Boost Gauge to a Natsu Dragneel Boost Gauge.   As this is my first mod, it’s not really good but better a Natsu than no Natsu 😉

Erza Scarlet boost gauge

Erza Scarlet boost gauge have fun  and inspired by:Patrick Voorn

Erza Scarlet Boost Gauge

Changes the normal boost gauge to an Erza Scarlet Boost Gauge

Erza Scarlet Type S

Replaces the normal non decal version of the car with an Erza Scarlet car so make sure u set it to none at the decal page not skulls or anything like that. Decided to make this for all the weebs out there who wanted a car of their waifu like myself xD