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Charger Neons, GlowEngine 2.0 +var decal

Hello @all, couple weeks have passed since my last mod release went online and i am really excited about this one ? Thank you for all the support so far! The popularity of TextureMods is growing everyday but we are still waiting for Psyonix statement about TextureMods, but we have to grow more to getting their attention. So please: SHARE […]

Endo NeonLights Mod +GlowEngine 2.0 + var decal

Hey, the NeonLights mod also available now for the ENDO car! Also made a glow engine 2.0 of it! Hope you Like it! If you do so: Please subscribe to my YouTube channel  and join my Steam Group for latest information about upcoming mods and announcements! What you’ll get after downloading this mod: Endo NeonLights Endo […]