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Octane Heat-GlowEngine 3.0

Updated: 26th October 2019 Downloadlink: http://www.mediafire.com/file/q6whrbhch2p31md/Octane_GlowEngines.rar/file More than one year ago i’ve created the GlowEngine 1.0 and the GlowEngine 2.0 neons. I am really proud to finally present you sth new of this sort of mods. It is time to begin a new chapter: GLOW ENGINE 3.0 ! With a massive heat-themed engine pattern and […]

Imperator GlowEngine 1.0

MERRY CHRISTMAS @ EVERYONE 🙂 Today we also say welcome to the Family of GlowEngines: Imperator DT5! It also includes hard glow and accents glow! Hope you like it and make sure to follow me on twitter: twitter.com/Hurricane_RL to get more info about upcoming mods 😉 By downloading you will get: GlowEngine 1.0 (hard glow) GlowEngine 1.0 […]

Charger GlowEngine 1.0 +var decal

Hey guys, so today is a special day for me, because it was today, one year ago when i released my first ever texturemods for Rocket League. It has been a really cool time in this first year and to celebrate that and keep things alive i decided to give you one more release. And […]

Jager GlowEngine 1.0(+var decal)

GlowEngine 1.0 is here for JÄGER 619 RS! With 3 different glow styles you can pick the one you like!   ADDITION: Jager painted bodies are also available! Updated the “painted bodies for all cars” mod!!!   By downloading this mod you will get: GlowEngine 1.0(3styles:accents,decent,hard) variable decal (paints car in decal color)   Watch […]