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Flamehthrower REMAKE(Nearly Alpha Gold Rush)

PLEASE SUPPORT TEXTURE MODS TO GET PSYONIX ATTENTION THAT THEY MAKE THEM OFFICIAL !! VOTE THIS POST UP AND GIVE POSITIVE COMMENT IF YOU WANNA SEE EACHOTHERS TEXTURE MODS SOMEDAY INGAME: https://dm.reddit.com/r/RocketLeague/comments/65l3b8/custom_texture_mod_support_for_rocket_league/ ————————————————————————————————————————————————- Probably one of the best alpha boost remakes! It replaces flamethrower yellow! Painted versions also possible! Also included is a sound file […]

[OLD]alpha boost(gold rush) [ONLY WORKS IF YOU HAVE GOLD RUSH!]

NOTE: THIS MOD ONLY WORKS IF YOU OWN/HAVE THE GOLD RUSH(ALPHA REWARD)BOOST !!! THIS IS NO REPLACEMENT FOR GETTING ALPHA BOOST WITH COMMON BOOSTS!!! YOOO proud to present you finally the best old alpha boost modded! hope thats what you lookin for if you want the old one back it will be best alternative! did […]

Painted Gold Rush!

A simple mod that allows all players have “painted” versions of Gold Rush and have the Gold Rush sounds. Replaces “FlameThrower” boosts, meaning everyone can have it and everyone can see your colors! They will not hear your Gold Rush sound or see the dust, however, as this is only for your game and those […]