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Citroen C4 WRX Rally Livery

The FAST 4WD being a DLC it’s bound to become an underrated car- which it is. So I decided to give it some love!

Nissan Skyline- Nagisa Auto Livery

The stock decals are lame so I figured why not do the Skyline justice 😉

Gulf Racing Cyclone Livery!

I had so much fun making this livery for the Cyclone and it looks so good! Also I’ve added bonus files for orange Stern wheels that adds two little details to complete the whole design 🙂

Racing Miku Octane Livery (Inspired By Goodsmile Racing)

The Octane version of the Jager livery that I made ^^

Racing Miku Jager Livery (Inspired By Goodsmile Racing)

Enjoy this livery for the Jager which is imo one of the best sports cars in the game and was deserving of this decal. There’s a version of this for the Octane as well. By the time you’re reading this it’s probably already uploaded so have a look at that and my other decals ^^ […]