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1.5x lager field for up to 7×7 teams

A 1.5x enlarged version of Simplicity v4.0 for up to 7 vs 7 in Rocket League.

World Cup Mods – Ball + Field + Banners

This is a mod which contains 3 billboard replacement images used on various maps throughout the game, a ball modification, and a field modification for the Mannfield map. The design ideas are originally from League of Rockets, and attempted to be replicated by me. If you need help installing uMod or the mods, be sure […]

Template Map For RL Mapping

A clean starting point to make mod maps for Rocket League with the most up-to-date mechanics. Works with multiplayer too

Green Map Mod (for edits)

Basically a green map dedicated to video edits. You can use rocket launcher to set up a lan server, do ‘/ball count 0’ in the game chat to get rid of the ball (Should work, haven’t tested yet though).

AngryCarrot’s Rocket League Map Loader

What is it? AngryCarrot’s Rocket League Map Loader is a program created in VB.net that is designed to load in custom maps onto Rocket League training mode.   How is it different? This Map Loader will do the same job as other programs out there, however, this Loader will allow you to change maps while […]

FreePlay Map Selector

A very plain map, but very useful! This is really more of just a main hub to get to almost any of the maps in the game, IN FREEPLAY. Go through the portals and you’ll, be loaded into the corresponding map. From there feel free to do anything you would normally do in freeplay! Be […]

Pirate Ship Map

Pirate ship map made by myself, hope you enjoy it

Speed Race

my official first map of RL, hope you enjoy it.

Quidditch Map

Here is a Quidditch map I made trying to replicate the game of quidditch from harry potter as best as possible. Note: The mapstyle is similar to quidditch, while the actually gameplay (such as the snitch) is far from it. I hope to include things such as the golden snitch eventually.