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SkullWatt (Repl. Kilowatt decal)

Hiya! My first animated decal with skull themed. Also made fitting skulls wheels on it (Watch video). They can be found on my profile! Enjoy 🙂 Cheers, Devnik  

Kuxir97 decal (Repl. Skulls)

Hi! Kuxir97 is a amazing Rocket League player and i decided to make a skull themed decal for him and all the fans he got! Specially after a amazing performance in the RLCS Season 2. Hope you guys enjoy the decal! Cheers, Devnik

Blood Splatter Custom Decal Dominus

Hey, yet another dominus decal I know, it’s just so nice a car, can’t wait for the GT. I’ll make one for the octane and maybe paladin soon. Use camo paint type on main colour for full effect.

Dominus iBuyPower Cosmic Decal Set With Optional Golden Spoiler

A simple mockup of what a iBP team decal could look like complete with optional sponsor logos. I made one for each member that played in RLCS. There is also a golden vent/spoiler addon completely optional, looks good when you use black/gold. Experiment with different colours to fit your liking.