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[Takumi] Vulcan Decal (v2)

These decal work for without decal on Takumi

[Takumi] Vulcan Decal

These decal work for without decal on Takumi

[Takumi] Asiimov Decal

These decal work for without decal on Takumi

Takumi Purple Hex

Hello, i present Takumi Purple Hex for Rocket League

Space Takumi

Hello, i present Space takumi for Rocket league

Takumi | Nvidia & Banners

The Takumi | Nvidia is a fictional (unofficial) skin which complements the Nvidia flag and recent promotion between Nvidia & Rocket League. This mod also includes stadium banners which replace the standard Rocket League banners. If you are new to modding, I recommend watching a video made by JuicyTuts. (Skip to 2:20 to save time).  Just […]

Takumi Potato Mod

  This is obviously the “Takumi Potato” mod. I made this for @TheRandomGamer1 on twitter 🙂   Contact me here: Steam: http://bit.ly/SteamTrain_ Twitter: http://bit.ly/TweetLikeABird My YT: http://bit.ly/Carnotaurus My Secondary yt: http://bit.ly/BoostedHD

Takumi NEON mod+glowengine 2.0+ var decal

Here we go with the first ever neon lights for cars in RL! Merry Christmas everyone and i hope you like my new mods ? Also watch out for new sick mods coming up soon!! Leave a like and/or give me feedback. If you have any issues with my mods or dont know how to […]

[Takumi] Inverted Decals

[Takumi] Inverted Decals by NextWeek^Shapes These decals will reverse the Primary and Secondary colours on your car – allowing you to maintain the correct blue/orange team colours, but with more space allocated (in most cases) to your secondary colour for a much more unique look. A great way to change things up without drastically moving away from Psyonix’s iconic […]