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Real FGSP Wheels

This is a simple mod which replaces the regular looper wheel texture with an animated fidget spinner! I know fidget spinners are reeeeeally outdated but I didn’t have any ideas yet I felt like I wanted to make a mod, so here you go! Your nightmares came to reality!

Illusion (Animated Wheels)

I’M BACK WITH MY SECOND MODDED DECAL ! THE “ILLUSION” (Chrono) They work for every paint in the game 🙂 I hope you will like them ! Please give me some feedback about them !

Fire Circle Chrono (Animated wheels)

WELCOME TO MY FIRST MOD ! “ANIMATED FIRE CIRCLE” (Chrono) Please give me some feedback about them ! Took me few hours to make them, I hope you will like them !

Markydooda Animated Wheels: The Eyebrow Dance (Looper Only)

Markydooda Wheels – created by Linkuru   The Markydooda eyebrow dance on your wheels! The .dds file replaces the Looper wheels animation with the beautiful face of our beloved Flipsid3 Tactics pro player. 100% guarantee that you’ll improve immensely and win the next season of RLCS by wearing these on your Battle-Car.   ONLY WORKS […]

Bacon Crimson Wheels

Bacon Crimson Wheels My 2nd Wheels for Rocket League I Really Like These Myself They Don’t really Look like bacon as I intended but they look sick ! Almost Goldish

Rainbow Wheels

These are my first wheels for Rocket League, Wheels it works with are alchimist, stern, tunica, dieci, tomahawk, spinners, stallion, veloce, neptune, sunburst, lowrider, severgate, falco, lucci, oem, vortex, spyder, tempest, invader

FURNACE WHEELS – [All wheels]

These are some cool green fire wheels that fit any common wheel in the game! Please tell me if you installed this, it will make me happy, and if you see me in game, make sure to let me know! Good luck and may you win all the games.   Check out my other wheels: https://rocketleaguemods.com/mods/diversion-wheels-for-invaders-various-colors/ […]

DIVERSION WHEELS – For Invaders – [Various Colors]

YOU MUST HAVE WINRAR AND UMOD FOR THIS TO WORK! Let’s get a ton of downloads on this 😀


8 Various Colours  To Choose From.

Photons 2.0 (Works on Painted aswell)

Hiya, New version of the Photons. Version 2.0. Looks funky :). Enjoy! Note: This wheels has 3 files one for main menu to show, one for ingame and the celebration move. Select them all three when adding them. Thanks! Cheers, Devnik VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CmXVCDt_kxU&feature=youtu.be