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    A tool for map makers. This allows us to use Rocket League's collision channels in our own version of UDK.  Unzip the file and place PrimitiveComponent.uc in (UDK Install Path)/Development/Src/Engine/Classes and replace the existing file.  Restart UDK and rebuild scripts when prompted. Inside an actor's collision settings you will now see this: They should all be pretty self explanatory, but message user /u/glhglh on reddit if you need help.

    January 19, 2017
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    Water Polo Map

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    Water Polo in Rocket League, with custom water physics! Game Mechanics: Boost refills constantly (slowly), but refills faster in the water. Boost refills to 100% percent when hitting the water. Boost is more powerful underwater. Walls are slightly less sticky under water. Boost time for full boost is 20% longer, but only activates after the first goal (minor bug). Dodge/jump resets when either entering or exiting the water.  Dodge/jump reset timer is infinite so you can use your flip no…

    December 4, 2016